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Cornice Installation

Cornice and Ceiling Installers in Perth

Finish off your office renovation or new home with beautiful finishes and effective solutions. Perth Innovative Ceilings Pty Ltd provides domestic and commercial clients with professional ceiling and cornice installations that will transform any space. Using innovative techniques, we produce superior results every time.

Cornice Installation

Applying the upmost care, our installers expertly fit cornices in homes. Cornices offer a stunning finish at the junction of a wall and ceiling. We install a range of different designs that can make a significant difference to the overall look of your room. From modern cuts to classical styles, we will fit the perfect cornice to match your interiors. Whether you select an angular or curved look, they cast a dramatic shadowing effect that adds extra depth and complexity to your room.

Ceiling Installation

Our contractors expertly fix and flush plasterboard and suspended ceilings throughout metropolitan Perth. We create a smooth finish with high detail care, leaving a flawless ceiling after painting.
Suspended ceilings provide an affordable and practical solution for residential, commercial buildings. Simply hung below an existing ceiling joist or floor or structural beams, they are quick and easy to install. Suspended ceilings effectively conceal ducts, pipes and wires. They also allow easy structural access, reduce noise, improve acoustics and lower heating costs.

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Whether you would like a suspended ceiling for your office or home or cornices for your home, our installers can quickly transform your space. Please feel free to give us a call on 0422 22 7102 for more information or to make an enquiry. We provide immediate and comprehensive quotes.